Payment & delivery

U.S. Domestic ShippingFedExUSPS
Starting Rate & Delivery Time$7.99 (1-5 days) Ground$2.99 First-Class (2-3 days)
$10.99 (3 days)
$13.99 (2 days)$6.99 Priority (1-3 days)
$23.99 (Overnight)
Cut-Off Time (Mon-Fri)5:15pm PST (CA warehouse)
3:00pm PST FedEx Ground
7:00pm PST (CA warehouse)
Cut-Off Time (Sat)4:15pm PST (CA warehouse)5:00pm PST (CA warehouse)
FedEx extended cut-off time on weekdays is 8pm PST for western states: CA AK AZ ID HI NV OR UT WA
International ShippingUPSDHLUSPSFedEx
Starting Rate & Delivery Time$33.99 (2-3 days)$17.00 (3-4 days)$16.99 First-Class (7-14 days)$39.99 International Economy (3-5 days)
$34.99 EMS (3-5 days)$44.99 International Priority (1-3 days)
Cut-Off Time (Mon-Fri)11:00pm PST (HK warehouse)11:00pm PST (HK warehouse)7:00pm PST (CA warehouse)5:15pm PST (CA warehouse)
3:00pm PST (International Ground)
Cut-Off Time (Sat)N/AN/A5:00pm PST (CA warehouse)4:15pm PST (CA warehouse)
Cut-Off Time (Sun)11:00pm PST11:00pm PSTN/AN/A
1. Orders from U.S. warehouses and placed before cut-off time are shipped on the same day.
2. Orders from Hong Kong warehouses and placed before 11pm PST are shipped in 3-12 hours.
3. See real time shipping cut-off hours in item detail page.


We accept credit cards, PayPal, Western Union and bank transfer. PayPal account is not required when using credit card direct payment.