Product Title LOCA Liquid Optically-Clear Adhesive UV Glue, TP-1000F, 50G
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Product Description

Excellent to change your faulty/broken touch screen lens LCD
This is Genuine LOCA (Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive) Glue. Comes inside syringe. Syringe will protect it from hardening from regular lights. UV Light must be used to cure the UV Glue, it literally hardens in about 30 seconds, but is recommended a cure time of about 3 minutes for a strong hold. Sun light can be used too, but it will take a bit more time to cure.
Replace your faulty part and start using your device again
Accessory only. Phone not included
No installation instruction is included in this purchase.
Please note that we can not be held liable for any damages cause while installing this item.
Validity Period: 5 month
1 pc 50g UV Glue Can be apply for 30 pcs glasses
Do not use a fluorescent light while bonding. Fluorescent gives off UV light, enough to slowly cure the glue. For longer work times work under a regular light bulb, or LED lighting. You can even have