Product Title Mechanic HBD-366 100g Tin Solder Wire Lead-Free Solder Melt Rosin Core, 0.6mm
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Product Description

1. For phone repairing, phone circuit board repair solder tin wire, Good solder-ability, insulation resistance, solder tin wire Lead Rosin Core for Welding Tool, no spattering and non-corrosive, Low Melting Point and High Brightness Solder.
2. With a low melting point, usually used in iron soldering with bright and full soldering points for phone circuit board repair, It is affordable and convenient to operate.
3. Excellent performance in desoldering, It is widely used in electrical and electronics, solder parts like phone motherboard circuit board, electronics devices, and others.
4. Less residue, bright spot, reliable.
5. Soldering performance is good.
6. During soldering spatters less, smokeless, smell feel relaxed.
7. Corrosive small.
8. Easy to carry and it is sure an electronic enthusiast's essential gadget.
9. Melting point: 210 celsius degree.