Product Title BSIDE ADMS1 Dual-Mode Smart Large-Screen Display Multimeter Electric Pen Portable Voltage Detector, Black
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Product Description

1. High-performance electronic components, more accurate testing.
2. ADMS1 uses LCD display. ADMS1CL uses EBTN display.
3. Dual-mode smart multimeter + voltage detector + dark line detector + flashlight
4. LED flashlight, easy to test, suitable for a variety of test environments.
5. 3-color indicator-more accurate test and richer colors

1. Display: 2000 counts (MAX)
2. Display mode: ADMS1 (LCD display); ADMS1CL (EBTN display)
3. DC voltage test: 400V +/-(0.8%+3)
4. AC voltage test: 400V +/-(1.2%+5)
5. Resistance test: 10Mohms +/-(1.2%+3)
6. Frequency test: 1000Hz +/-(1.0%+5)
7. Non-contact hazardous voltage detection: Yes
8. Dark line test: less than 3cm (the actual test depth is determined by the wall material)
9. Continuity test: if the resistance is less than 30ohms, the buzzer will sound
10. Battery test: 1.5V/6V/9V/12V
11. Power supply: 1x 1.5v AAA battery (not included)
12. Size: 150x39x18mm

Packing list:
1 x Smart Digital Multimeter
2 x test leads
1 x silicone lanyard
1 x User Manual