Product Title QYZ7021 5.0-6.0mm Watch Clockwork Time Adjustment Tool Stainless Steel Watch Handle
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Category Repair Tools > Watch Repair Tools
Product Description

1. All-steel handle, long claws are more convenient
2. 304 stainless steel, push out without pressure, long claws are more convenient
3. Head: precise workmanship, sharp edges and corners, edge passivation treatment, to prevent cuts during use
4. Shaft: humanized design, knurling texture, easy to push out, no wear and tear
5. Built-in: internal spring, improved after many times of use, with moderate elasticity, and will not fail to push out due to excessive elasticity
6. Scope of application: watches, pocket watches, various mechanical watches
7. Features: long claws for easy grabbing
8. Material: 304 stainless steel
9. Size: 8x1cm
10. Net weight: 80g