Product Title ANENG A3005 Electrician Induction Test Pen Fully Intelligent Anti-burning High-precision Digital Meter
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Product Description

1. Start-up measurement, intelligent identification, non-contact measurement
2. Three-in-one multimeter + electric tester + phase sequence detector
3. Phase sequence induction detection: put the nibs close to the phase line ABC test points respectively, the green indicator light turns on, and the screen displays R, indicating that it is forward direction; the result, the red indicator light turns on, and the screen displays L, indicating that it is reverse direction
4. Line breakpoint detection: In the NCV non-contact voltage detection mode, check the breakpoint position along the line when the single-strand line is charged
5. Fine stainless steel watch needle: the negative input terminal is closely connected with the test lead, which is firm and durable, and is suitable for circuit maintenance and testing of various electrical appliances and small electronic components
6. In NCV mode, when a nearby AC voltage is detected, the LED indicator light will be red, and an alarm buzzer will sound, making it safer to measure electricity without contact
7. Intelligent identification of neutral and live wires: Select the function of distinguishing live neutral and live wires, insert the pen needle into the hole for identification, no need for traditional contact measurement methods, and it is safer to measure electricity
8. Portable and compact, easy to use, pen-style design
9. Detachable positive pen tip: silver-plated, anti-oxidation, not easy to break and wear, just clamp the stainless steel pen tip with pliers and rotate it out, equipped with a cap protection
10. Battery type: 2 x AAA batteries (not included in the product)
11. Screen display: HD backlit screen
12. AC/DC voltage: 600V
13. Measurement function: resistance, AC voltage, DC voltage
14. Counting: 4000 counts
15. Resistance: 40 megohms
16. Dimensions: 183.5 x 24 x 29mm
17. Weight: 57g