Product Title BSIDE ADMS9CLN Dual Mode Intelligent Automatic Digital Multimeter AC/DC Voltage Resistance Frequency Capacitance Meter, English Version
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Product Description

1. EBTN LCD display technology: Compared with traditional LCD technology, EBTN LCD provides key performance advantages and greatly enhances the reading experience. The illuminated numbers and letters on the black background make it very easy to read, even in bright sunlight or insufficient light. in the case of.
2. Large-screen 3-line display: The 3.5-inch ultra-large screen can display 3 test results such as voltage, frequency, and analog bar.
3. Automatic identification: Designed for beginners, it can automatically identify the measured parameters and select the required range.
4. Ultra-thin design: the thickness is only 12mm, the weight is lighter, the LCD screen is larger, and it looks like a mobile phone.
5. Simple/convenient/easy to use: The multi-meter strap probe design allows you to test safely and efficiently without plugging or unplugging the probe, which not only saves learning and testing time, but also avoids incorrect port insertion.
5. Flashlight function and hanging hole: The flashlight design allows you to test efficiently and comfortably anytime and anywhere, whether indoor or outdoor, day and night. Hanging hole design makes it easier to carry.
6. One key to turn on intelligent recognition, no need to change gears, bid farewell to cumbersome.
7. Functions: AC and DC voltage test, resistance and continuity test, frequency test, capacitance test, data retention, automatic shutdown, LIVE zero line and fire line judgment, V~alert dangerous voltage alarm, true RMS, diode on-off automatic identification, Diode test current can be lit, automatic range, full range overload protection.

1. Material: ABS
2. Display: LCD display, 9999 counts
3. LCD screen size: 3.5 inches
4. Power supply: 2 x CR2032 button batteries, 3V, 210mAh (included)
5. The maximum voltage allowed by the measuring terminal: 600V DC or 600V AC (RMS)
6. Working height: up to 2000m
7. Sampling time: the digital display of the meter is about 0.4 seconds
8. Unit display: function and battery unit display
9. Automatic shutdown time: 3 minutes
10. Temperature coefficient: less than 0.1 x accuracy/degree Celsius
11. Backlight: 15 seconds automatic standby mode
12. DC voltage:
-Range: 600V
-Resolution: 0.01V
-Accuracy: +/- (0.8%+3 counts)
-Sensitivity: minimum 0.5V DC voltage
-Input impedance: 10MΩ
-Maximum input voltage: 600V DC or AC (RMS)
13. AC voltage:
-Range: 600V
-Resolution: 0.01V
-Accuracy: +/- (1.2%+5 counts)
-Sensitivity: minimum 1V AC voltage
-Input impedance: 10MΩ
-Maximum input voltage: 600V DC or AC (RMS)
-Frequency range: 50Hz~60Hz, true RMS response
14. Resistance:
-Range: 10MΩ
-Resolution: 1Ω
-Accuracy: +/- (1.2%+3 counts)
-Overload protection: maximum 250V DC or AC (RMS)
15. Frequency:
-Range: 1000Hz
-Resolution: 1Hz
-Accuracy: +/- (2.0%+10 counts)
-Frequency range: 10Hz~1000Hz
-Higher than the effective value of ACV1V
16. Measurement continuity:
-Accuracy: When the resistance is less than 30Ω, the continuity buzzer will sound.
-Overload protection: maximum 600V DC or AC (RMS)
17. V~Alarm:
-Low range: green voltage signal indicator. The screen displays a 1/3 analog bar, and the buzzer emits a slow alarm sound.
-Mid-range: yellow voltage signal indicator. The screen displays 2/3 analog bars, and the buzzer quickly alarms.
-High range: red voltage signal indicator. The screen displays a full analog bar, and the buzzer sends out a very loud alarm.
18. Capacitance:
-Range: 1000μF/0.1μF, 6000μF/1μF
-Accuracy: 3.5%+8 times, 4.5%+10 times
-Overload protection: 250V DC or AC (RMS)
-Minimum measuring capacitance 0.5μF
-Diode: Automatically identify diodes less than 1.0V
19. Working temperature and humidity: 0~40 degrees Celsius/32~104 degrees Fahrenheit, 45%~80%RH
20. Dimensions: 135 x 68 x 13mm / 5.3 * 2.7 * 0.5in
21. weight: 111 grams / 3.9 ounces