Product Title BEST BST-802 Electric Soldering Iron with Single Edge Razor Blade and Holder, 40W
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Product Description

The set includes:

1 pc Blade Holder T Tip for Soldering Iron Gun

1 pc Razor Blade

1 pc Best Soldering Iron Gun, 110V



Model Number: BEST-802

Input Voltage: 110V/220V

Output Temperature: 200-480

Temperature Stability: Stable

Output Power: 30W,40W,60W



Line Length:1.5m

Type: mobile phone soldering iron



Power socket should be used with a reliable grounding device. And before using, should check the voltage specification.

Soldering tip should be inserted into the bottom of the heating device.

For the first time used, the heating element maybe have some smoke which is normal phenomenon. After a few minutes, the smoke will disperse.

This product is prohibited used in wet environment.

In the working state, forbid dismount electric parts and other parts.

6.Please use natural Thermal Dissipated soldering support.