Product Title BSIDE A1 Dual Mode Smart Handheld High Precision Detection Electrician Voltage Multimeter Without Battery, Black
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Product Description

1. Dual-function anti-burn multimeter, smart test pen, fully automatic
2. Sound and light alarm, two-color display
3. Easy detection of LIVE zero firewire jack line
4. Automatic identification, live line/zero line distinction, breakpoint detection, sound and light alarm, on-off beep, automatic shutdown, NCV voltage detection, replaceable test leads, flashlight, etc.
5. Directly measure AC and DC voltage and resistance on and off when power on, no need to shift gears
6. Non-contact zero-fire judgment, insulation operation, safety check
7. High-brightness LED, powerful wick, high-brightness output, high-transmittance reflector, using anti-reflection tempered lens, large-scale spot coverage
8. Extremely fast measurement, intelligent identification
9. High sensitivity mode, top induction, identify dangerous voltage signals

1. Range: 0-500V
2. Resistance: 10 megohms
3. Voltage frequency: 1000Hz
4. Power supply: 2 AA batteries (not included in shipment)
5. Automatic shutdown: 5 minutes
6. On-off buzzer: the measured resistance is less than 30 ohms, the buzzer sounds
7. Non-contact voltage detection alarm: 6-1000V AC voltage
8. Storage temperature: -10 to 60 degrees Celsius
9. Working temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius
10. Dimensions: 12.7 x 4.2 x 2.5CM
11. Net weight: 67g

Packing list:
-.1 x host
-.1 x Chinese and English dual instruction manual
-.1 x test lead
-.1 x screwdriver
-.1 x box