Product Title BSIDE S5 Smart Digital Pen Multimeter Voltage Detector, Green, Charging Model
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Product Description

. Li-ion battery capacity: 400 mAh
2. Operation mode: automatic/manual
3. Display range: 0-4000 bits
4. DC voltage range: 620V
5. AC voltage range: 620V
6. Measuring resistance range: 1 ohm-40 megohm
7. Frequency (Hz): 1000Hz
8. Operating temperature: 0-50 centigrade
9. Auto-off time: about 10 minutes
10. Charging interface: USB-C
12. Weight: about 125 g
13. Size: about 16.6 x 2.8 x 2.3 cm

1. Lightweight and portable, LCD display with red and green back-light, easy to take reading data
2. Detect fast, comfortable to use, test effectively, indoor and outdoor, day and night are applicable
3. Measurement functions: resistance, AC voltage, DC voltage, etc.
4. Built-in rechargeable 400mAh lithium-ion battery, large capacity, long-lasting durable
5. If the resistance is less than 500, the buzzer sounds and the red light turns on
6. Diode measurement, only used to assist in determining the polarity of the diode, can be measured in the range of 2.0V
7. Wide range of uses, suitable for machinery repair, electricians, household, automotive repair, etc.