Product Title BSIDE ACM81 Digital Clamp Meter Auto-Rang 1mA Accuracy 200A Current DC AC Multimeter, Black
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Product Description

1. The 2000-word automatic range clamp meter with true effective value can accurately test distorted AC voltage and current signals.
2. With temperature and non-contact voltage detection, the use environment is expanded.
3. Optimize the jaws and increase the position of the meter pen, which is convenient for one-handed operation.
4. Optimize the position of the jack, better safety and beauty, and reduce the entry of dust and foreign objects.
5. Added a back buckle for easy carrying
6. AC current measurement (2A/200A) resolution 1mA
7. AC and DC voltage measurement (600V)
8. Resistance, continuity, diode measurement
9. V ~alert dangerous voltage alarm
10. Temperature test
11. Data retention, background light

1. Display: 2000 words
2. DC current: 2A/ 20A/ 200A/0.01A/0.001A+/-0.1 (2.5% + 5 words)
3. DC voltage: 2V/20V/200V/600V/0.001V/ 0.01V /0.1V /1V (1.0%+ 3 words)
4. AC voltage: 2V/20V/200V/600V/0.001V/ 0.01V /0.1V /1V (1.0% + 3 words)
5. Buzzer: If the resistance of the tested circuit is less than 30 ohms, the buzzer in the meter will sound a continuous alarm.
6. Temperature: -20~ 500 degrees Celsius/-4-932 degrees Fahrenheit/1 degrees Celsius/2 degrees Fahrenheit (2.0% + 2 words)
7. Clamp head size: 20mm
8. Battery type: 1.5V AAA battery × 2 (not included)