Product Title BSIDE L1 High Precision Digital Illuminance Meter Light Meter Without Battery, Black
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Product Description

1. Data hold function, photometric unit conversion, high-precision measurement
2. Large-screen LCD display visible light intensity
3. No operation for 15 minutes, automatic shutdown function
4. The meter will automatically detect the battery current, when the low battery symbol is displayed, please replace the battery in time
5. Suitable for hospitals, shopping malls, gyms, offices, gymnasiums, hotels, etc.
6. Can be used to measure the brightness of visible light in the environment to be tested
7. Power supply mode: 1 x 9V battery (not included in the product)
8. Measuring range: 0.1-200000 Lux, 0.01-20000Fc
9. Sampling rate: 2 times/second
10. Resolution: 0.1Lux/ 0.01Fc
11. Dimensions: 145x67x32mm