Product Title FJGEAR FJ-DK401 60HZ 4 Ports DP+USB To KVM Switcher With Desktop Controller
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Product Description

1. KVM switcher: Four hosts share a keyboard and mouse display with a desktop controller for easy switching
2. Plug and play, convenient and fast, 3 USB2.0 ports, sharing a variety of devices keyboard, mouse, printer, U disk and so on
3. 4K super HD has clearer picture quality and supports a resolution of 3840 x 2160/60Hz
4. Two switching modes, convenient and fast, desktop controller, panel buttons arbitrarily switch
5. High quality chip Using high quality chip, excellent performance and stable work
6. Desktop controller, easy to switch and can keep the computer desktop clean and tidy
7. Nickel plating process interface, plug resistance, anti-interference, not easy to rust
8. Multi-scenario application It is suitable for office, multimedia teaching, meeting room and other scenarios
9. Support USB devices, such as limited, wireless mouse, HUB, U disk, printer and so on
10. Shell material: iron shell
11. Wiring length: DP cable and USB cable 1.5m
12. Size: 11x4.7x1.5cm

-1 x Packing box
-1 x Product
-1 x Desktop controller
-1 x Instruction manual
-1 x Certificate
-4 x DP cable
-4 x USB cable