Product Title FJGEAR SM4K108 8 Ports HDMI Splitter 4K HD Audio And Video Splitter
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Provider SkyStarTrade
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Category Computer & Networking > Switch
Product Description

1. Ultra-clear, high-compatibility, 8-screen display
2. 3840 x 2160/30Hz resolution, stable transmission of 4K high-definition image quality, no ghosting no flash screen
3. Easy Connection, plug and play, VGA + audio 3.5 mm access output, HDMI connected display devices, plug and play, convenient and fast
4. At the same time Connect 8 TV with HDMI interface share high-definition, into multimedia teaching, TV store and other applications
5. Audio and video, simultaneously
6. Metal housing, anti-interference, anti-corrosion, heat dissipation design, durable
7. The interface adopts gold-plating technology to resist oxidation, resist plug and pull, effectively improve the signal transmission quality and prolong the service life
8. Power supply voltage: DC 5v
9. Power frequency: 50-60 Hz
10. Operating temperature: 5-40 degrees celsius
11. Power: 5w
12. Transmission distance: 20m
13. Applicable objects: large-screen display, set-top box, projector and other suitable for HDMI interface equipment
14. Bandwidth: 25-225MHz
15. Product accessories: products, packing boxes, specifications, certificates, power cord
16. Size: 25.5 x 11x 2.5 cm