Product Title FJGEAR FJ-HDV01 HDMI HD 4K 30HZ Fiber Audio Separator, US Plug
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Category Computer & Networking > Switch
Product Description

1. 4K 30HZ super clear resolution, 3.5 mm audio + SPDIF fiber audio for PS5/Switch/Xbox
2. Simple connection, convenient connection amplifier, audio
3. HDMI analog audio separation + HDMI fiber digital audio separation, fiber interface external power amplifier
4. External 3.5 mm analog audio output, solve the PS4 can not be external audio problems
5. The fiber-optic SPDIF interface supports 5.1 surround sound, as if you were in a movie theater, enjoying a vivid visual feast
6. Using high-definition technology, the screen delicate lifelike, resolution up to 3840x 2160
7. Power supply design makes products more stable
8. Built-in signal amplifier chip, signal transmission farther and more stable
9. Suitable for home theater, multimedia teaching, conference room and other scenes
10. Resolution: 3840X2160/30Hz
11. Transmission distance: less than or equal to 10 meters
12. Power: 5V 1A
13. Features: support for SPDIF light audio, 3.5 mm audio
14. Size: 5.8 x 5.2 x 2.2 cm

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