Product Title Car Mini Air Purifier Toilet Deodorant Shoe Cabinet Sterilizer, Pink
SKU STE78145
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Provider SkyStarTrade
Ship From California, US / HongKong 
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Category Car Accessories > Air Freshener
Product Description

1. Active oxygen technology, deep deodorization, no consumables
2. Turn on deodorization and sterilization when leaving the car, and automatically shut down at regular intervals
3. Elastic clip, one click to hold it firmly, it will not fall off
4. Strong battery life, low noise and mute, small and not occupying space, quick-acting and cleaning
5. Note: This product is used after the person leaves the car. Open the window for ventilation after getting in the car.
6. Rated current: 1A
7. Rated voltage: 5V
8. Rated power: 10W
9. Battery capacity: 1200mah
10. Power supply mode: USB charging / built-in lithium battery
11. Applicable space: 5-10 cubic meters
12. Size: 12x5.5x3cm