Product Title AP-2DB With Book Clips Portable Folding Laptop Adjustable Hollow Heat Dissipation Stand, Silver
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Provider SkyStarTrade
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Category Mobile Accessories > Mount Stand > Laptop
Product Description

1. Lifting height freely adjustable, adjustable up to 300mm, down to 32mm
2. The folding tablet stand is made of premium aluminum alloy + silicone, with smooth edges, which protects your device from scratches
3. Provide a highly sturdy and durable silicone pad to ensure a close connection with the desktop to fix your tablet in place
4. This computer stand is compatible with 11-15.6 inches laptops, tablets, etc.
5. Using a laptop with a stand can avoid long-term bending and develop a good working posture, thereby reducing shoulder and neck pain
6. The hollow upper base can effectively dissipate heat and prevent the computer from overheating
7. This laptop stand is designed with book clips and 2 extension brackets, multi-function, multiple usage