Product Title West Biking YP0801118 Bicycle Comfort Seat Cushion, Yellow
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Product Description

1. The hollow adopts one-piece molding and compression to enhance the beauty of the cushion, and it will not peel off the skin, and it will be more durable.
2. The surface and the interior are fully glued and bonded. The skin is made of Taiwan Nanya leather with a thickness of 1mm, and the bottom shell is frosted to ensure that the cushion is durable and beautiful, as well as comfortable riding.
3. The seat cushion is ergonomically designed, hollow and breathable, and the wide tail ensures comfort and does not affect the force; the head tilts down to solve the unspeakable pain of men's long-distance riding, and it will not clamp the gear.
4. 30CRMO chrome-molybdenum steel hollow bow, soft and shock-absorbing, with a scale on the sitting bow, which is convenient for proper adjustment
5. Nylon fiber base provides strong support
6. Features: polyurethane filling, waterproof and sunscreen, 30CRMO steel bow, hollow design, laser technology, seamless bonding
7. Material: PVC, polyurethane, nylon bottom shell, chrome molybdenum steel
8. Size: 275x145mm
9. Weight: about 263g