Product Title West Biking Bicycle Mini Hardshell Tail Bag Saddle Bag, Black
SKU SAB68606
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Provider SkyStarTrade
Ship From California, US / HongKong 
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Category Outdoor & Sports > Bicycle Accessories
Product Description

1. Portable and compact, the hard shell is stylish, can be hung with tail lights, and is easy to install
2. The keel supports on both sides protect the internal items from being squeezed, and can be firm and not deformed without loading items
3. Full opening tail bag, the capacity can meet the daily travel needs
4. Large opening design, flank items are protected from falling off, easy to take items without falling
5. Water-repellent tail bag, PU+EVA body + glued waterproof zipper
6. Layered inside, classified storage
7. Adjustable hook and loop fastener, stable installation
8. High-quality rivets, more load-bearing
9. Small size, concealed installation and under the seat cushion, does not hinder leg movement during riding
10. Capacity: 0.4L
11. Function: storage
12. Material: PU/EVA/Nylon
13. Size: about 13x7x7cm
14. Weight: about 260g