Product Title West Biking Cycling Water Bottle Bag Rear Seat Saddle Bag, Black
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Provider SkyStarTrade
Ship From California, US / HongKong 
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Category Outdoor & Sports > Bicycle Accessories
Product Description

1. Reflective design, can hang tail lights, easy to install
2. Waterproof zipper, large capacity, dustproof and wear-resistant
3. Water bag design, can put water bottle
4. Double zipper, large opening design, convenient and fast
5. Safety non-slip rubber strip
6. Comfortable and smooth zipper, not easy to get stuck
7. Quick release buckle design, high-density waterproof fabric, the bevel is not easy to scratch
8. The bracket can be rotated, which is convenient to adjust the angle of the bicycle bag
9. Grid pocket design for easy sorting
10. Material: nylon
11. Function: storage
12. Capacity: 1.6L
13. Size: about 23x16x9cm
14. Weight: about 210g
15. Note: The product only contains storage bags, not water bottles and other