Product Title JD-510 Rechargeable Electric Foot Callus Remover with Vacuum Cleaner 10 In 1 Kit, Black
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Product Description


1. Voltage: USB charging DC5V, you can use car charger, computer USB, charging treasure, etc.
2. Power: 6w
3. Charging time: about 2.5 hours
4. Motor speed: about 13500RPM
5. Machine speed: fast gear is about 2200RPM, slow gear is about 1800RPM
6. Battery type: lithium battery 1200 mAh, continuous battery life is about 100 minutes, depending on personal usage habits and cleaning methods
7. Individual weight: 0.32kg
8. Stand-alone size: 165 x 76 x 50mm

The main function:
1. Remove dead skin calluses and cutin.
2. Vacuuming, dander collection.
3. Free switching between fast and slow.
4. Charge to change the light, switch between two gears to adjust the light
5. Overcharge and overdischarge protection system.
6. The appearance is streamlined, the handle is non-slip, and it is ergonomic
7. 1200mAh large-capacity lithium battery, fast charging, long-lasting battery life, low noise
8. This machine has a waterproof function. After peeling, you can rinse the head alone, or put the whole machine under the faucet to wash it clean (do not soak in water for a long time).