Product Title West Biking YP0711122 Portable Bicycle High Pressure Pump, Black
SKU PUM15055
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Provider SkyStarTrade
Ship From California, US / HongKong 
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Category Outdoor & Sports > Bicycle Accessories
Product Description

1. Suitable for American/French nozzles, aluminum alloy barrels, portable vehicle mounts, screw-in air nozzles
2. Lightweight design, barometer, labor-saving, and versatile
3. Extended hose, easy to use
4. Easy to install, waterproof and anti-fouling, built-in hidden barometer
5. 140PSI quick inflation to prevent tire blowout, data display air pressure
6. CNC anodized treatment is wear-resistant, thickened tube wall, anti-fall, durable
7. The default is beautiful mouth, turn it counterclockwise and pull it out to become a magic mouth
8. The smooth handle does not hurt the hand, the groove is designed to accommodate the trachea, and the floor-standing foot base is stable and labor-saving during use
9. Front fork suspension, easy switching between high and low air pressure
10. Material: aluminum alloy
11. Air pressure: 140PSI
12. Scope of application: bicycle/electric vehicle/basketball
13. Product accessories: portable bike racks, air nozzles, ball pins, screws
14. Size: about 28.5x4.5cm
15. Weight: about 150g