Product Title Huawei P9 Lite 2016 VNS-L21 L22 L23 L31 L53, Be Y Phone VNS-L62, Honor 8 Smart, G9 VNS-AL00 VNS-CL00 VNS-DL00 VNS-TL00 TFT LCD Screen Digitizer, White
SKU LCD10058
Image LCD10058
Provider SkyStarTrade
Ship From California, US  
Selling Price $16.18
Category Phone Spare Parts > LCD Screen > Huawei
Compatible Devices & Models
Be Y Phone (VNS-L62)
G9 Youth Edition (VNS-AL00, VNS-CL00, VNS-DL00, VNS-TL00)
Honor 8 Smart (VNS-L22)
P9 Lite (2016) (DIG-L22, VNS-AL00, VNS-DL00, VNS-L01, VNS-L21, VNS-L22, VNS-L23, VNS-L31, VNS-L52, VNS-L53, VNS-L62, VNS-TL00)