Product Title 304 Stainless Steel Double-Layer Large-Capacity Portable Lunch Box, Medium 5 Grid, Pink
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Product Description

1. Food contact grade stainless steel, healthy, safe and corrosion resistant
2. With an independent soup bowl, it can be loaded with soup or vegetables. The lid of the bowl is made of PP.
3. Built-in cutlery box, easy to go out
4. The cutlery box can be used as a mobile phone holder when the cutlery is taken out
5. Double guarantee of sealing silicone ring and four rows of buckles to prevent the leakage of soup
6. Add boiling water to the bottom layer to prolong the holding time
7. Capacity: medium 1200ml, large 2000ml
8. Dimensions: medium 27x20.5x7.5cm, soup bowl 9x5.5cm, large 31x20.5x7.5cm, soup bowl 10x5cm
9. Weight: about 780 grams for medium; about 1030 grams for large