Product Title 10 Pcs Cherry MX Switch Linear Mute Mechanical Keyboard Shaft, Silent Black
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Product Description

1. Applicable model: mechanical keyboard
2. Interface: USB
3. Mute red axis: linear axis-key range is 1.9 mm, trigger strength is 45cN, cross core inlaid with mute silicone block
4. Green axis (game) : linear axis-key range of 2mm, 70g trigger strength (strength between the blue axis and black axis)
5. Blue axis (mechanical sense) : strong paragraph axis-key distance is 2.2 mm, trigger force is 50cN
6. Tea axis (office) : slight paragraph axis-key distance is 2mm, trigger strength45CN45cN
7. Red axis (game-normal stroke) : linear axis-key range of 2 mm, triggering strength of 45cN
8. Black axis (game) : linear axis-key range of 2mm, trigger strength of 60cN
9. Silver axis (game-super short stroke) : feel and red axis similar, trigger formation shorter, with 50 million life, trigger strength of 45cN
10. White axis (game) : strong paragraph axis-key distance of 2.2 mm, trigger strength of 52cN (strength between the tea axis and the blue axis)