Product Title Langsdom TN29 Bluetooth 5.3 Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earphone, White
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Product Description

1. Small and light in appearance, easy to carry.
2. It has the function of clear sound quality and call noise reduction.
3. Ergonomic semi-in-ear design, comfortable to wear without pressure on the ear.
4. HiFi sound quality, the human voice is clear and natural, and the sound quality is more penetrating, bringing you a different listening experience.
5. Adopt Bluetooth 5.3 chip, low power consumption, simple and fast connection, more stable signal, faster transmission, low power consumption and long battery life.

1. Chip solution: Jerry AD6973D
2. Bluetooth version: BT V5.3
3. Connection distance: about 10m
4. Frequency range: 20HZ-20KHZ
5. Battery capacity: earphone 30mAh, charging case 230mAh
6. Charging time: 1h for earphones, 1.5h for charging case
7. Talking time: about 4h
8. Standby time: 160 days
9. Charging interface: Type-C
10. Weight: 50g