Product Title BW10L Metal Wire Cup Anti-fried Line Fishing Reel Far Throw Lure Reel with BP10 Universal Thread Cup, Left Hand
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Product Description

1. Gear ratio: 7.2:1
2. Unloading and locking force 10KG
3. Brass main gear and pinion
4. Quick side cover removal system, ceramic wire ring does not hurt the wire
5. Backlash-free stop structure (stainless steel single bearing)
6. 10-speed magnetic brake system, 10 magnetic brake beans, smooth operation
7. Streamlined shape design, ultra-light, high-strength nylon = 60% glass fiber body
8. The micro-object reel is mainly lightweight, thick reel, thin winding, and cast farther. It is a common reel for general use, and both thick and thin lines can be used.
9. BW10 is a micro-thread cup, BS10 is a deep thread cup, and BP10 is a general-purpose thread cup. The three types are the same except for the thread cup.
10. Weight: 210g