Product Title Sony WH-CH710N/CH720N/CH700N Headphone Sponge Cover Leather Earmuffs, Black
SKU EAM89550
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Provider SkyStarTrade
Ship From California, US / HongKong 
Selling Price $5.99
Category Mobile Device Accessories > Earphone Earmuffs
Product Description

1. Suitable for replacing old/damaged/cracked/damaged/bad headphone ear pads
2. Soft and elastic, it fits everyone's ears and effectively isolates the noise from the external environment.
3. Ear pads enhance audio fidelity and provide more vivid sound
4. Easy to install and remove without any tools and easy to use
5. Material: protein leather
6. Features: Soft, comfortable fit
7. Applicable models: for Sony WH-CH710N / CH720N / CH700N