Product Title 2 Pairs Beats Studio Buds Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Silicone Non-slip Ear Caps, Red
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Product Description

1. Soft silicone, no pain to wear for a long time, anti-drop
2. The silicone surface is sticky, non-slip and anti-dropping, and can be tightly combined with the ear canal, making it comfortable to wear
3. Soft silicone fits the ear, light and free. After many tests and continuous optimization, it is customized for the ear and fits the ear canal naturally. It is more comfortable for a long time, and it is not easy to fall off even if you exercise.
4. The earphone sheath is noise-reducing and sound-proof, comfortable to wear
5. Real machine mold opening, accurate matching earplug cap
6. Install left and right according to the corresponding hole position of the earphone
7. Note: The earphones in the picture are not included