Product Title Magsafe Cross Vertical Card Bag Case for iPhone 13/14/15 Series, Brown
SKU CAS39618
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Provider SkyStarTrade
Ship From California, US / HongKong 
Selling Price $7.99
Category Mobile Device Accessories > Case > Phone > iPhone
Compatible Devices & Models
iPhone 13 (A2482, A2631, A2633, A2634, A2635)
iPhone 13 mini (A2481, A2626, A2628, A2629, A2630)
iPhone 13 Pro (A2483, A2636, A2638, A2639, A2640)
iPhone 13 Pro Max (A2484, A2641, A2643, A2644, A2645)
iPhone 14 (A2649, A2881, A2882, A2883, A2884)
iPhone 14 Plus (A2632, A2885, A2886, A2887, A2888, A2896)
iPhone 14 Pro (A2650, A2889, A2890, A2891, A2892)
iPhone 14 Pro Max (A2651, A2893, A2894, A2895, A2896)
iPhone 15 (A2846, A3089, A3090, A3092)
iPhone 15 Plus (A2847, A3093, A3094, A3096)
iPhone 15 Pro (A2848, A3101, A3102, A3104)
iPhone 15 Pro Max (A2849, A3105, A3106, A3108)
Product Description

1. Made of good-quality PU leather, comfortable and wear-resistant
2. Magnetic snap, safe and stable
3. There is adhesive on the back that can be attached to the phone case
4. Thin and light design with a ring, it is convenient to carry
5. Multi card slots design for convenient storage
6. Product size: approx. 10.6x6.6cm
7. Net weight: 50g
8. Note: The product only includes the card bag, does not include the cards or other items!