Product Title Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 T870 T875 T875N T876B T878U, S8 X700 X706 X706B X706C X706N X706U, S9 X710 X716B Litchi Texture Leather Sucker Tablet Case, Red
SKU CAS05242
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Ship From California, US / HongKong 
Selling Price $7.99
Category Mobile Device Accessories > Case > Tablet > Samsung
Compatible Devices & Models
Galaxy Tab S7 (T870, T875, T875N, T876B, T878U)
Galaxy Tab S8 (X700, X706, X706B, X706C, X706N, X706U)
Galaxy Tab S9 (X710, X716B)
Product Description

1. Durable: Made of TPU+PU leather material, durable
2. Stand Function: The stand design makes it easy for you to enjoy movies, type, read, play, and browse the web on your tablet.
3. Scratch Protection: The case is tightly sealed and your tablet will not be scratched.
4. Stylish and Slim: The slim and lightweight hard back protects your tablet without adding bulk.
5. Easy Access: All buttons and ports are easily accessible.
6. Hand grip strap design: The grip strap makes it easy to hold the phone with one hand and protects the phone from falling.