Product Title WT-WG4 Massage Instrument Graphene Electric Heating Folding Girls Warming Belt , Brown
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Product Description


1. With digital display, four levels of hot compress, five levels of massage
2. Vibrating hot compress, warm palace belt, intelligent constant temperature, simulated massage, 5 levels of massage, 4 levels of heating, full coverage by folding
3. Flexible uterine warming belt, intelligent constant temperature, simulated massage, comfortable menstrual period
4. Fold to fit the waist and abdomen, fully covering the warm palace
5. Warmth in three seconds, upgraded graphene fast heat technology, efficient heat conduction, uniform temperature rise, stable nerves, continuous warming, safe and not overheating
6. Five levels of vibration intensity, simulated massage experience
7. Four-speed temperature control adjustment, warm and warm from outside to inside
8. Upgraded multiple protection, timed shutdown to prevent burns, more secure use
9. The controller is made of flame-retardant material, and the voltage is too high to automatically protect
10. Silent noise reduction design, no noise and no disturbance, low-decibel hot compress massage, silent throughout the whole process, comfortable all night
11. The curved soft fluff is skin-friendly and more comfortable. The fluffy cloth is fine and lint-free, and it feels good. The waterproof surface layer can be wiped and dried immediately
12. Smart screen display, clear at a glance, respectively display power, heating gear, charging reminder
13. Buckle design, easy to wear when using the product, more convenient to disassemble
14. Elastic bandage, suitable for different waist sizes, don't worry about gaining weight and wearing it
15. Material: ABS+velvet
16. Hot compress temperature: 35-55 degrees Celsius
17. Applicable parts: waist
18. Function: infrared physiotherapy
19. Massage principle: vibration
20. Rated voltage: DC5V
21. Rated current: 1A
22. Power supply mode: USB/built-in lithium battery
23. Battery capacity: 2500MAH
24. Size: 119 x 92 x 64MM
25. Net weight: 226G
26. Gross weight: 409G