Product Title Nextool Multifunction 10+ Tool Kit Belt Outdoor Waistband Camping Hiking Knife Scissors Opener, Black
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Product Description

1. Multifunctional tool belt, integrating 10+ functions into one, including screwdriver/knife/scissors/file/bottle opener/SIM card pin, which can be used in daily emergencies
2. Separate design, the tool belt head can be removed instantly without untying the belt
3. The head of the tool belt is made of high-quality steel. The compact design balances the conflict between multi-function and volume and weight. It is condensed into the size of a card and weighs only 93g. There will be no obvious weight on the waist.
4. The belt is 39mm wide and fits almost all belt loops. Polyester outer layer + elastic sandwich weaving, taking into account both rigidity and elasticity, supports clothes and accessories with its strong, comfortable fit. Durable enough to withstand long-term daily wear and a variety of challenging outdoor environments (the two-layer construction means the belt is strong enough to carry a variety of hiking gear and accessories, including flashlights, walkie-talkies, and more.)
5. The holeless fine-tuning design is not limited by the fact that the belt holes can only be adjusted moderately, avoiding the embarrassment of "one more is too loose, one less is too tight". Fits your waist perfectly to maintain comfort.
6. Using buckle fixation method, you can adjust the appropriate belt length at one time when wearing it, fast buckle, simple and effective without waiting.
7. Material: belt head-2CR13, belt-polyester fiber
8. Dimensions: total length 118cm, weight 240+/-12g