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My account related


1) Registered with a wrong email? Want to update account email?

Please send us your name, phone number, current email address and the new email address that you would like to use, via “Contact Us” on the app or website, we will update the information for you instantly after account verification.


2) Reset Password?

Please go to the “Sign In” page and enter the registered email address, click the message "Forgot password” and follow the on-screen instruction. If you are unable to reset the password, please contact us so we can manually reset the password for you after account verification.


3) Forgot registered account email?

Please provide us with any of the following information (full name, full company name, phone #), via “Contact Us” on the app or website. We will locate your account email after account verification.



Order related


1) Does SST offer discounts for Wholesale Order?

Yes, we do. We can provide lower prices on wholesale order with item quantities from 30 up to 1000s. We can usually ship your wholesale order on the same day or within 72 hours; We also welcome any special request inquiries, contact us now to see what the best offers are so we can provide for you.


2) Did not receive Order or Shipment Confirmation?

Please check your spam folder and mark the email as “It’s not spam”. Also, add our email address order@skystartrade.com to your email's contact list. If you cannot locate the email at all, please send us your registered email and phone #, we will solve the problem instantly. You may see your order history under “My Order” after signing on the app or website.


3) Can I add additional items to an order I just placed?

If the order has not been shipped, you can directly make a new order for the add on items and leave a message in the "Note" field on the "Payment Options" page. After the order is completed, we will combine the orders for you and adjust the shipping costs according to the total weight of the package.


4) Order or coupon or category discounts exclusions?

These discounts are not applicable to daily deal items. Please check “Product Details” page to see if an item qualifies for extra order discounts.


5) What is the order cut-off time?

Please see real time cut-off hours in product detail page after signing-in.


6) Need invoice for an order?

Please download it from your account or provide us the order number, we will send it to you by email.


Payment related


1) What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Credit Cards direct payments, PayPal, Western Union and Bank Wire Transfer. 


2) What is Wallet?

Wallet is an account feature to record store credits (from cancelled/return paid-items) and spending history under your account. There is no expiration date for Wallet credits.


3) How to use the Store Credit in my wallet?

On apps, you can go to More -> My Profile -> Wallet to see the balance of your store credit. During check-out, please simply check the "Use Wallet Balance" checkbox in Payment Options page and enter the amount to deduct from order's total value, then you only need to pay for the rest.




Shipping related


1) Where are the orders shipping from?

All orders are shipped from our multiple warehouses in U.S. and Hong Kong.


2) Why was my order items divided into two or more warehouses?

It depends on the item's availability from your chosen warehouse.


3) What is the shipping costs? What are the cut-off time and delivery time?

The shipping costs are varied subject to different shipping methods and different warehouse locations. You may see details on “Payment & Delivery” page or “Shipping Options” during the checkout procedure. Cut-off time hours are also available in product detail page.


4) Does SST offer free shipping?

We always provide free shipping promotions under different conditions subject to different shipping methods. Please check the “Product Details” page for more details.


5) How to track my order?

You can find the tracking # in the order details once the order status changes to “In Transit”. Click on the tracking # and you will be redirected to the tracking page immediately. If you do not see any tracking # in your account or email within 2 business days after you placed the order, please send us your order number for instant solution.


Warranty and Return related


1) What is the warranty period on items?

We provide 90-day exchange warranty (or store credit for some cases). Please refer to our “Return Policy” for more details.


2) How to start a return for broken or defective item?

Please give us your order number, the item(s) name(s) together with the detail of the problems. You can send us an email or submit a ticket via “Contact Us” on the app or website. We will provide the RMA # and return address. For DOA items, please report to us in 3-5 days after delivery. (Note: an easy-to-use RMA system will be available in few months.)


3) Why did I receive my returns back as "non-qualified"?

Sometimes, the 90-day-warranty on the part is voided because of installation marks or damages. Especially for LCD and digitizer, before installation onto the phone, please connect it to the board and test it first. If the item is defective, you can return it to us without voiding the warranty. If the test runs OK, then you can go ahead and install it onto the phone.


4) Need replacement parts urgently?

You can re-order the items on our app or website instantly and we will ship them on the same day. For the qualified return items, we can issue the store credit for you to use toward a future order.


Product related


1) The item I want is listed as "Pre-Order" or "Out of Stock". Can I order them now? When will they be available?

Yes, you can order anytime. Normally, "Pre-Order" items will be shipped in 3-4 business days, depending on the market availability. For "Out of Stock" items, their status may change in a day, a week, or sometimes over a month. You may click on "Get Stock Reminder" button and our system will email you automatically when the item becomes available. Or you may check back on the item status on our app every now and then for an update.


2) One of the items I want is listed as "Available on ... date". Can I order it now with other items? When will I receive all my ordered items?

Yes. We will ship the available items to you first. The items with later available dates will be shipped separately within 24 hours after the shipment arrival.


3) What currency is shown for the product price?

We use US Dollar (USD) as the default currency for all prices.